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Lease & Rental

As one of over 400 Idealease locations throughout North America, Cerni Motor Sales is a full transportation company. Our customers choose from a variety of trucks and trailers, including straight trucks, refrigerated trucks, day cabs, and sleepers. We also offer a variety of service packages including full-service leasing, contract maintenance, rentals, logistics, and safety compliance programs.

With the leasing and rental programs available at Idealease of Cerni Motors, we help keep you on the road while eliminating downtime. If leasing or rental is the most viable option for your business, call us today and ask to speak with a Rental Agent! We’ll tailor a program to your specific needs.

Can you really afford not to lease?

Contact Our Leasing & Rental Department

Lease/Rental Manager

Charlie Hamilton

Email Charlie

Phone: (866) 923-7919

Rental Agent

Melissa West

Email Melissa

Phone: (866) 923-7919

Idealease of Cerni Motors features the following:
  • Low costs / improved profits.
  • Improved cash flow / budget.
  • Tax advantages
  • 100% financing / long terms.
  • Fuel–on site and over the road.
  • 24 hour emergency "800" service, 365 days a year.
  • Tire repair and replacement.
  • Regular scheduled preventive maintenance services.
  • Washing of the vehicles as you require.
  • Licensing, permitting, and fuel tax reporting.
  • Custom engineering.
  • Additional rental vehicles.
  • Local ownership.
  • North American Network.

Rental Fleet

idealease trucks

Idealease of Cerni Motors offers a wide range of vehicles available for both short term and long term rental. If you need to add a truck for your busy season, or just need to keep your customers happy while your truck is in the shop, we have the vehicles you need. Our entire fleet is 2012 model year or newer and we pride ourselves on keeping our fleet up to current standards and looking pristine. Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Rates are also available for all units. Please contact us today with questions or to schedule your rental.

Box Trucks
Box Trucks

International 4300 Box Trucks:

26' Box Trucks

$105/Day + $0.21/Mile

Refrigerated Box Trucks
Refrigerated Units

24' & 18' Refrigerated Box Trucks:

24' - $188/Day + $1.20/Reefer Hour & $0.21/Mile

18' - $159/Day + $1.20/Reefer Hour & $0.21/Mile

Pro Star Trucks
Heavy Duty Units

ProStar Daycab & Sleeper Trucks:

Daycab - $176/Day + $0.21/Mile

56" or 72" Sleeper - $185/Day + $0.21/Mile

Flatbed Trucks
Flatbed Units

International WorkStar:

24' Steel Bed or 26' Wood Bed Available

$190/Day + $0.21/Mile

Ottawa Toters

$825/Week + $3/Hour

Full Service Lease

Why Lease?

There is a better alternative to truck ownership. Idealease can show you why leasing is a superior financial and operational alternative to ownership.

Full Service LEasing Allows Private Fleets to Focus on Their Core Business

Idealease customers spend their time, cas, and resources on their core business. They understand that Idealease's core business is maintaining trucks.

Full Service Leasing Results in Priority Service

Idealease customers benefit from Priority Service. Our customers’ trucks are repaired the moment they pull into special, designated Idealease Service Bays. We know that downtime is expensive to our customers.

Full Service Leasing Helps Private Fleets Keep More of Their Money

Idealease customers do not make down payments, tie up their credit lines, or pay the entire cost of their vehicle. All of these benefits result in better cash flow.

Full Service Leasing Lets Private Fleets Maintain a Consistent Budget

Idealease customers benefit from consistent operating expenses over the length of their lease contract. Operations personnel can accurately budget their transportation expenses years in advance.

Full Service Leasing Provides a Single-Source for All Your Transportation Needs

Idealease customers benefit from having a single supplier for all their transportation needs. No longer is it necessary to pay multiple suppliers for transportation services.

Ideal Maintenance


Keeping your equipment running at peak efficiency is the objective of IdealMaintenance, the Idealease comprehensive maintenance program.

IdealMaintenance Services Include:
  • Parts & Labor
  • Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Tire Repair and Replacement
  • State and Federal Inspections
  • Priority Service at all Idealease Locations
  • Idealsafe: Safety & Compliance Training
  • Idealnet: 24/7 Emergancy Road Service
Our customers may also choose from a variety of other transportation services including:
  • Substitute Vehicles
  • Vehicle Washing
  • Fuel Tax Reporting
  • Fuel Purchasing Programs